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I'm a long-haired metalhead who writes a science fantasy saga called Starbreaker. I've been working on it since 1996. I had a couple of novels from the saga published back in the day under my legal name, but they're out of print now.

world wide web

Please don't expect many updates or additions to this website. I've decided to explore lighter, text-oriented protocols like Gopher and Gemini instead.

The World Wide Web no longer sparks joy. I'm not convinced it ever did.


Gopher is an internet protocol that allows you to view plain text documents using a menu. It was briefly popular in the early 1990s before the World Wide Web became mainstream, and is still around today.

If you want to get to my gopher hole, use a compatible client.

If you don't have a gopher client, you can access my gopher hole via web proxy.

Gopher-to-Web proxy courtesy of Floodgap.


Project Gemini is a new, lightweight text-oriented protocol that addresses some of Gopher's limitations without providing everything the Web claims to offer.

I don't have a Gemini site yet, because SDF doesn't offer that functionality and I don't have the sysadmin chops or patience to self-host.

contact info

If you need to get in touch, send email to starbreaker at sdf dot org.